Kangaroo Lace

Kangaroo Lace
Kangaroo Lace
Which of these shoes do you like best?

A) http://www.uggbootstore.net/Ugg_Crochet_Boots/Ugg_Crochet_in_Orange.html

B) http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/g0ms0mw2/Kangaroos-Magnolia-Redux-Suede-Cornflower-Peacock-Footwear?sw=1

C) http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/65mmxmx0/Kangaroos-Magnolia-Lace-Up-Boot-Suede-Cornflower-Peacock-Footwear

D) http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/tqxkdk1v/Kangaroos-Little-Kid-Big-Kid-V-Cargo-Roos-Print-Sneaker

E) http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/ls5js308/Kangaroos-Women-Apos-S-Magnolia-Pull-On-Boot

F) http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/rjgg6t63/Womens-Kangaroos-Ruby

and do you like this Lulu Lemon jacket ?

G) http://shop.lululemon.com/1st_5_Minutes_Shrug/pd/c/550/np/550/p/1589.html

All safe links, I was on them myself. Tell me why or why don't you like them. I wanna hear opinions!

I really like option "E"!! I think I may order them for myself. While I liked the other options as well I think that E is the best because it's a fun color, more understated so that you can wear it with more things. I like the bright blue mids as well!

As far your jacket goes that is totally cute...unique and think you will have fun wearing it in different ways!

Good luck!!

Whip making cutting lace video 1.mp4

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kangaroo lace

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