Repair Pieces

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Repair Pieces

Shower Repair and Refinishing

When it comes to aging shower pans, there are several different ways to restore their look. That’s right – just because your shower pan is starting to look old, doesn’t mean that you have to have it replaced. Shower pan refinishing is a much cheaper alternative that will make it look as though you have replaced your shower pan – without dishing out the money to actually replace it.

Shower Refinishing In Los Angeles – What Is It?

If you don’t want to put out the money (or put in the time) to remove your old pan and replace it with a new one, shower pan refinishing could be a great option for you. Refinishing options allow you to restore the color of your shower pan, while at the same time repairing any chips, cracks, or other damages. That’s right – refinishing can give your shower the ‘new shower’ appearance, without paying the ‘new shower’ price. With the help of a professional refinisher you will see your shower pan undergo a complete makeover in just a few hours.

Whether your shower pan is suffering from cracks, chips, or discoloration, a refinishing job can repair any damage, completely changing the look within 24 to 36 hours. Regardless of what material your pan is made from (marble, porcelain, fibreglass, etc.) a refinishing job is perfect for all of your repair and restoration needs. How long will the refinishing process take?

Refinishing generally takes between twenty-four and thirty-six hours. The more scratches, chips, or cracks that need to be repaired, the longer the process will take. Once all repairs are complete, several coats of acrylic urethane will be sprayed over the surface of the pan. Once these coatings have been applied, the pan needs to be sanded down, giving it smooth and finished look. Shower pan refinishes come in a variety of different colors, so be sure to ask your refinisher for a sample of colors that you may like to use.

If you are the environmentally friendly type, you may choose to go with an alternative refinishing method. If you have a shower pan that is made of porcelain, you can opt to have a polymer applied by hand rather than using an acrylic urethane. Not only is this method more environmentally conscious, but it also helps to keep down the lingering odor that is common with other methods of refinishing.

If your shower pan is starting to look out of date, start looking for a professional refinisher today. Not only can refinishing save you time, but it can also save you from cleaning up the huge mess that is caused by demolition (when being replaced)! Refinishing is also a much more cost effective option. People may think that it does not cost much to replace a shower pan, but after you consider all unexpected fees, the cost can really add up. Refinishing can save you over fifty percent!
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