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Royal Hide

Not Enough London Hotel Rooms For The Royal Wedding

London's scarcity of great visitor accommodation will be put to the test in April for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

120,000 hotel rooms in London will not be sufficient for the 500,000 guests expected for the wedding ceremony, and people will need to look privately to find alternative accommodation.

Serviced accommodation in London will also become totally booked very quickly.

So how will every one of these visitors be accommodated?

Many of the coming wave of visitors are expected to exploit personal connections to secure at the very least certain couch space: if they know people in the capital, the option of being with relatives and friends means the UK capital may at least avoid a tent city.

But for those without having such connections, the scarcity of accommodation guarantees that numerous Londoners will do what they usually do when something big hits town - rent out their own houses at a impressively lucrative rate. We are already aware that when there is a big event happening in London such as Wimbledon that the expense of beds increases. With the royal wedding taking place over a specially extended Bank Holiday weekend, it will be no surprise to see informal accommodation in private apartments going for three to four times the normal rate.

So what happens should you can’t find anywhere to stay in London and don't have connections in the city. Look to quickly snapping up any deal on serviced apartments London that may still be available in the city.

But will price, or scarcity, put off die-hard royal watchers wanting to hear the wedding ceremony bells in person? Apparently not. There are countless overseas visitors flocking to book any accommodation available, even at the highest of prices.
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