Saddle Conchos

Saddle Conchos
Saddle Conchos
Western Saddle - Help please! I need to replace the screws in the conchos with screws and D-Rings, to enable?

me to attach the breastplate at a higher level. Currently I have it attached to the latigo ring on one side and the latigo keeper on the other - So not only is it lop sided, it's also too low and will eventually rub her.
It's a new saddle (english before) and so far we have just been walking around getting her used to the different feeling - just to explain I'm not heartless, I haven't been riding around like this!

I'm sure that I can buy these separately and fit them myself. But a)where can i get them from? b) has anyone else had the same issue?

Hopefully this will help

How To Change Your Western Saddle's Appearance

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